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Projects Spotlight

The Complete Package. Full Kitchen Makeover.

A modern barn-style kitchen makeover introduces a perfect fusion of industrial and rustic elements, featuring clean lines, minimalist cabinetry, and matte black hardware complemented by warm reclaimed wood finishes. The space is adorned with pendant lighting, open shelving, and a farmhouse sink, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary sophistication and cozy farmhouse charm.

The makeover incorporates innovative design concepts such as a statement kitchen island with a concrete countertop and bar seating, providing a focal point for both functionality and social gatherings.

The barn-style sliding doors reveal a pantry area, seamlessly integrating convenience with the rustic aesthetic, while large windows allow for picturesque views of the surrounding landscape, enhancing the overall modern farmhouse ambiance.





Modern Colorful Kitchen

Sleek design merges with professional dual fuel range kitchen.

Traditional kitchen: modern flair meets rustic warmth seamlessly.

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